About us

Enrico Romitelli

Enrico Romitelli is founder and owner of the family company Romitelli Shoes, s.r.l. 

He is also a master in his field since 1979 and he is constantly inventing and implementing a new ideas. He devotes to his work from the basics and thanks to the hard and careful work he managed to get his products to the highest quality level.

Each product is unique!

Anna and Kristýna

We met Enrico at the Global Championship in Vienna. The riding boots thrilled us and inspired immediately after the first use. Than we decided to establish cooperation in selling and distributing his products. 

We are proud of the fact that our friends and colleagues in equestrian sport, who had an opportunity to try it, were also very excited and satisfied.

To provide these unique products to a wider audience, we became the exclusive distributors of company Romitelli Shoes under the name Stivali Romitelli cz, sk, pl (earlier Alex's Boots CZ) for three countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The customer's satisfaction is very important for us, that is why we prefer a personal meetings           
with those who would like to see and try our products in person.                                                         
If you are interested in getting more information, please contact us on any Contact or on our Facebook and we will give you an answer with all needed information as soon as possible.

We guarantee your maximum satisfaction!