1. Product testing and measurement

Testing your riding shoes or measuring legs is often one of the steps before placing a mandatory order. This step can be done on the selling stand on equestrian events or on the arranged personal meeting. The measuring and finding out the right size (whether is possible standard size or it needs to be custom made boots) is done by us, and of course free of charge. At appointment, we'll bring you some boots for presentation and for footprint testing, and also many samples of leather in available type and color. According to this you will get the great chance to choose the one you like the most and to fit with the rest of your equipment. 

Sales stand

With the sales stand we participate on the various equestrian events and competitions held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. A list of places where you can meet or visit us can be found in the section Sales Points, which is updated all the time, depending on the agreement with the organizers of events. Of course, this information will not be missed on our Facebook, where we place a post or event regularly before each event, so if you follow us, you will not miss anything.

Personal meeting

In case of interest, it is possible to arrange a personal meeting at our location in the Czech Republic (Přerov, Olomouc) or you can use our offer to get to your home or stables. This option saves your time especially because you do not have to go anywhere and you can do everything in the comfort of your home or work. In this case, we only charge travel as shown in the following table.

Distance Km / KčKm / EUR  Km / PLN
 within 20 km 0
 25 km and more 5 Kč 0,2 EUR0,8 PLN 

2. Transport services

We always send the ordered riding boots to the address specified by the customer. The following tables list the prices for the most commonly used shipping services. At the request of the customer, we can use any other available courier. Everything is on agreement.

Shipping to Czech Republic

 Personal pick-upFree of charge 
 Czech Post8 EUR / 32 PLN 
 DPD (on delivery)6,3 EUR / 26 PLN 
 PPL (not on delivery)8 EUR / 32 PLN 

Shipping to Slovakia

 Personal pick-upFree of charge 
 Czech Post12 EUR 
 DPD (on delivery) 7 EUR
 PPL (not on delivery) 14 EUR

Shipping to Poland

 Personal pick-upFree of charge 
 Czech Post 58 PLN
 DPD (on delivery) 33 PLN
 PPL (not on delivery) 57 PLN