How to place an order?

Are you interested in our products and would you like to become our proud customer?

If the answer is YES you can choose any of the following options, according to your wishes and needs.

1. If you already have selected model of the boots (including color and type of leather) and you want to agree on size and measurements, please contact us via email or on the phone numbers listed in Contacts. If you choose an email, please indicate which model and color you want to order and where you would like to meet us or where do you live (city). Our answer will include the current price list, a quotation on the selected model and a draft of the meeting date. All other elements leading to a binding an order will be discussed during our meeting.

We take care of adhering to our personal approach and providing extra care and service to our customers. That's why we usually carry out measurements, presentation of products and product testing by ourselves at personal meeting or during the events on the selling stand.

2. If you already know which model of the boots you want or you have precise idea of design and at the same time you have already tried the boots before (so you know your size and measurements) and you want to place an order, please send us an email with all your details (name, address, contact, billing information), including the information of your chosen model or description of design and of course your size and measurements. We will give you an answer with confirmation of receiving your order and we will send you a quote for advance payment which is half of the total price. Right after receiving your advance payment or bank receipt we will send an order to Italy. A week before receiving ready-madeboots, we'll let you know when you can expect the package at your address. Usually we are sending boots on delivery so you should pay second half of the total price to the courier before receiving the package. In case that this option isn't good for you, it is not a problem to agree on different solution. We will try to find out the best option to meet your needs. 

Delivery time of ordered boots is only 1 MONTH (+/- week), no longer!

3. If you are interested in buying riding boots but you don't know or you didn't decide yet which design, decorative elements, type of leather or color to choose or which price category to consider, we recommend you to choose one of the following steps:

  • Contact us via email and get all current price lists including discounted items and then try to select models according to prices
  • Browse our websites and take a look on current Catalogs with all offered models, including short descriptions and illustrations of design options

4. If you don't want to arrange a personal meeting and you would like to carry out your measurements by yourself and then place an order, please contact us with this request and we will send you a video with short description according to which you will take your measures right. We will try to do our best to pick up the best solution for you during our communication and agreements and to meet your needs. Just send us an email with your request and with our answer you will be a step closer to your dream riding boots.

We will try to meet your requirements as much as possible. Customer satisfaction is our biggest reward!

5. Do you like some of the available riding boots in stock to which applies a discount? If so, leave us a message about what model you are interested in and which of the available sizes you would like to have. In the message, please provide your name and address to which we should send you a package. Within 2 days after receiving your message, we will send you the selected riding boots by cash on delivery. You will try them and let us know if the size is right and if you like it. If so, there is no more to discuss and the riding boots are yours! However, if you realize after receiving the package that the size doesn't fit, you can send us boots back at the same charge on delivery as we did, and we will refund you the whole amount in this way. If you decide to return the boots, please make sure they are intact and in the same condition as you received them from us.